Accelerator CIT Script for QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018

This CIT script is for use with QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018. To use this script, follow the directions below.

Installing the Script

  1. Download and run the script file via the following URL, files will extract to c:\bds\cit.
    Click Here to Download the Script
  2. Make sure the CIT tool bar is running. The easiest way to open the CIT tool bar is to click the |Tools| menu from within the Accelerator Phone Book and select the |Accelerator Tool Bar| option.  Right click on the 'A' icon to open the CIT Script dialog box, then click the |Find a Script| button and navigate to c:\bds\cit and select 'qb_Desktop_Pro_2018.cit' then click |Open|.   Close the 'Accelerator Tool Bar Scripts' dialog box. Select CIT Script

Running the Script

  1. Make sure the Accelerator phone book and CIT tool bar are opened, then open QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 and select |Customers|Customer Center|, than |New Customer|.
  2. Right click the 'A' icon on the CIT tool bar, select |QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018| then click the |Run Script Button|.   CIT Script Dialog Box
  3. From the Accelerator phone book, search for a contact then select the 'New Customer' button. Search for Contact
  4. From the QuickBooks form, click in the 'Company Name' field, then click the |OK| button to fill the 'New Customer' form.  The same process above is used to fill the 'New Vendor', and 'New Employee' forms.    QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 New Customer Form

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