How to Search for Contacts in the 'My Phone Book' Folder in OA Mobile

The 'My Phone Book' folder is commonly used within a multi-user Office Accelerator environment to keep personal contacts separate from public contacts ('All Contacts') when using the Office Accelerator desktop client software. To search for contacts in OA Mobile that are located 'only' in your 'My Phone Book' folder, follow the directions below:

  1. Login to OA Mobile
  2. By Default OA Mobile will open the phone book search page. To search for a contact located 'only' within your 'My Phone Book' folder, enter some information about the contact in the first, last and/or company name field(s) then tap the |Search 'My Phone Book' Only| button.
  3. OA Mobile Login Page
  4. Tap the contact search result to view the contact details.
  5. OA Mobile Login Page
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