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Release Notes

Current Release: 20.0.320.0

Date: 4/10/20

Application File Name Version
Phone Book oadbook.exe 20.0.320.1320
Calendar oacal.exe 20.0.320.1320
Admin App accadmin.exe retired
CIT Tool Bar cst.exe

Improved security by consolidating all password changes and login recovery into OA Mobile.

Passwords are now required to be at least 8 characters long and may include any character, including the space character. Starting or ending the password with a space is still not allowed.

Fix: Exporting a list of contacts reports 1 less than the actual number of contacts exported. For example, if 10 contacts are exported, the report lists '9 contacts exported' even though 10 were actually exported.

Fix: On the phone book dashboard, selecting another user's calendar sometimes fails to display the correct calendar.

Other minor visual changes and optimizations.

Release: 20.0.319.0

Date: 2/6/20

Added small and large font options for the calendar day and week view. This option can be found in the 'View' menu.

Re-introduced the 'Print Item' option in the calendar when right clicking on an appointment or task.

Calendar and Phone Book: Introduced the new 'OA' image for OA Mobile on the tool bar.

Removed 'Prospect Manager' in the phone book and fully replaced it with OA Mobile.

Fix: Phone Book print day wizard: An appointment with a duration of 0 printed extra text. For example a start and end time of 8am displayed '8:00A to 8:00A' on the printed copy.

Phone Book and Calendar: Added 'My Account' to File menu. This displays the 'My Account' page in OA Mobile.

Several performance optimizations, including application startup.

Other minor visual changes, optimizations and fixes.

Release: 20.0.314.0

Date: 12/5/19

Improved rendering for the calendar day and week views. This includes a slightly larger font, sharper display and faster load.

All functionality for the Admin Utility is implemented in OA Mobile. The Admin Utility now gives a message informing the user to use OA Mobile.

Simplified the custom user rights and coordinated them with OA Mobile.

Improved the importing of contacts for faster performance and an easier set of options.

Fix: The phone book dashboard custom field panels sometimes didn't work.

Fix: When canceling a print to the 'Microsoft Print to PDF' printer the phone book or calendar would not print again without restarting the application.

Other minor visual changes, optimizations and fixes.

Release: 20.0.304.0

Date: 6/3/19

This is the first release of version 20.

Major updates for compatibility with the new OA Mobile apps available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Calendar: Updated drag and drop functionality for performance improvements with the recent Windows 10 releases.

Improved printing performance for the Calendar and Phone Book.

Improved performance for Categories, Folders and Lists.

Updated contact dashboard for performance improvements with the recent Windows 10 releases.

Prospect Manager add-in now includes texting options and support for emojis.

Updates to the Prospect Manager that match OA Mobile.

Email Campaigns now include folders containing contacts with 'Email Opened 2+ times' and 'Email Opened 3+ times'.

Many other general performance improvements.

Other minor feature enhancements, fixes and optimizations.


Date: 11/9/18

Calendar: Fixed a printing problem for tab characters pasted into a task or appointment.

Contact Import: Improved handling of malformed import files and data.

Contact Export: Removed an unnecessary comma at the end of the header for comma separated files. This caused a problem with merging the data in Word.

Consolidated and simplified user rights for group address, etc. changes.

Prospect Manager: Changed 'Select Date' to 'Select Date Range'.

Dashboard 'Send Email' button: Updated for browser based email clients gmail, yahoo,, and

Dashboard 'Send Email' button: Added 'Copy to Clipboard' option.

Accelerator Menu in Word: Fixed a merge problem for some special characters (like 'EN DASH') copied from a web browser and saved to a contact.

Consolidated the functionality of dashboard buttons 'Smart Drop', 'Paste to' and 'Send Email'. 'Smart Drop' has been removed. 'Paste to' is now 'Copy to Clipboard'.

Other minor visual changes, optimizations and fixes.


Date: 9/27/18

Changed 'Pipeline Add-in' to 'Prospect Sales Tool', including all related items. For example, 'Prospect To Do List' and 'Prospect Sales Log'.

Updated and streamlined the Prospect Sales Tool features to match OA Mobile.

Fixed: Importing contacts could fail if the same custom field is mapped more than once.

Updated the Uri encoding for google/bing searches and maps. The former methods still work, however these now match the current google/bing implementations.

Calendar: Fixed a problem with task inbox not always refreshing when emptied.

Admin App: Fixed a problem with 'Login Recovery' status not always loading for very large numbers of users (more than 500).

Other minor visual changes and fixes.


Date: 8/15/18

Calendar: Fixed a problem with task reminders occasionally failing to dismiss.

Phone Book: In some instances, the form for changing search result text size was partially obscured.

Pipeline: Minor visual changes for better clarity.


Date: 7/10/18

This is the first release of version 19.

Significant performance improvement to contact searches.

Added a tool bar button to set the font size in the Search Result to 1 of 4 sizes. The current (default) size is the smallest.

Fast Search increased from 500 to 5000 contacts.

Much faster loading of the contact edit screen.

The dialer now launches any windows dialer that is registered to use the 'tel:' protocol, for example, Skype.

Improved export, including a log of every export.

Major improvements to the pipeline product in both functionality and integration to the phone book.

Users can now see a list of the account administrators via the Help menu.

In multi-screen environments, a 'Switch Screen' button has been added to the main phone book and calendar screens.

CIT tool bar now supports all multi-screen environments.

Many other general performance improvements.

Accelerator menu in Microsoft Word: Fixed a problem where the message 'Opening this will run the following SQL command' would sometimes display when editing documents.

Added support for WordPerfect X9.

Other minor feature enhancements, fixes and optimizations.


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