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Release Notes

Current Release: 20.0.304.0

Date: 6/3/19

Application File Name Version
Phone Book oadbook.exe 20.0.304.1304
Calendar oacal.exe 20.0.304.1304
Admin App accadmin.exe 20.0.301.1301
CIT Tool Bar cst.exe

This is the first release of version 20.

Major updates for compatibility with the new OA Mobile apps available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. These apps are currently in beta testing and are expected to be released in June 2019.

Calendar: Updated drag and drop functionality for performance improvements with the recent Windows 10 releases.

Improved printing performance for the Calendar and Phone Book.

Improved performance for Categories, Folders and Lists.

Updated contact dashboard for performance improvements with the recent Windows 10 releases.

Prospect Manager add-in now includes texting options and support for emojis.

Updates to the Prospect Manager that match OA Mobile.

Email Campaigns now include folders containing contacts with 'Email Opened 2+ times' and 'Email Opened 3+ times'.

Many other general performance improvements.

Other minor feature enhancements, fixes and optimizations.


Date: 11/9/18

Calendar: Fixed a printing problem for tab characters pasted into a task or appointment.

Contact Import: Improved handling of malformed import files and data.

Contact Export: Removed an unnecessary comma at the end of the header for comma separated files. This caused a problem with merging the data in Word.

Consolidated and simplified user rights for group address, etc. changes.

Prospect Manager: Changed 'Select Date' to 'Select Date Range'.

Dashboard 'Send Email' button: Updated for browser based email clients gmail, yahoo,, and

Dashboard 'Send Email' button: Added 'Copy to Clipboard' option.

Accelerator Menu in Word: Fixed a merge problem for some special characters (like 'EN DASH') copied from a web browser and saved to a contact.

Consolidated the functionality of dashboard buttons 'Smart Drop', 'Paste to' and 'Send Email'. 'Smart Drop' has been removed. 'Paste to' is now 'Copy to Clipboard'.

Other minor visual changes, optimizations and fixes.


Date: 9/27/18

Changed 'Pipeline Add-in' to 'Prospect Sales Tool', including all related items. For example, 'Prospect To Do List' and 'Prospect Sales Log'.

Updated and streamlined the Prospect Sales Tool features to match OA Mobile.

Fixed: Importing contacts could fail if the same custom field is mapped more than once.

Updated the Uri encoding for google/bing searches and maps. The former methods still work, however these now match the current google/bing implementations.

Calendar: Fixed a problem with task inbox not always refreshing when emptied.

Admin App: Fixed a problem with 'Login Recovery' status not always loading for very large numbers of users (more than 500).

Other minor visual changes and fixes.


Date: 8/15/18

Calendar: Fixed a problem with task reminders occasionally failing to dismiss.

Phone Book: In some instances, the form for changing search result text size was partially obscured.

Pipeline: Minor visual changes for better clarity.


Date: 7/10/18

This is the first release of version 19.

Significant performance improvement to contact searches.

Added a tool bar button to set the font size in the Search Result to 1 of 4 sizes. The current (default) size is the smallest.

Fast Search increased from 500 to 5000 contacts.

Much faster loading of the contact edit screen.

The dialer now launches any windows dialer that is registered to use the 'tel:' protocol, for example, Skype.

Improved export, including a log of every export.

Major improvements to the pipeline product in both functionality and integration to the phone book.

Users can now see a list of the account administrators via the Help menu.

In multi-screen environments, a 'Switch Screen' button has been added to the main phone book and calendar screens.

CIT tool bar now supports all multi-screen environments.

Many other general performance improvements.

Accelerator menu in Microsoft Word: Fixed a problem where the message 'Opening this will run the following SQL command' would sometimes display when editing documents.

Added support for WordPerfect X9.

Other minor feature enhancements, fixes and optimizations.


Date: 10/30/17

All applications: Tool bar buttons and menu items now respond on the first click when the application is not the active application. This behavior is mainly experienced on multi-screen environments. Previously, this behavior required 2 clicks. The first activated the OA application and the second selected the tool bar button or menu item.

Email Campaigns: Added 'Expires' tab with 'Activity Expiration' options for logging activity and sending lead alerts.

Marketing Options: Send Single Email tab: Added an 'Activity Expiration' option to stop logging clicks, etc. and sending lead alerts after the given number of days.

Other minor feature enhancements, fixes and optimizations.


Date: 8/25/17

Email Marketing Verified Email Console: Now displays 'Name' and 'Email' address in separate columns.

Other minor feature enhancements, fixes and optimizations.


Date: 6/21/17

Phone Book Settings: The Public Documents Path setting can now be cleared.

Contact Edit Screen: Resolved display issues on some systems.


Date: 5/17/17

Main Phone Book Screen: 'Imports' tab added to the 'Folders', 'Marketing', etc. tabs. These 'Import' folders contain the contacts from imports done using this version of the phone book or later.

Import: Improved parsing and options for phone numbers.

Import: Displays a detailed report when the import is complete that can be copied to the clipboard.

Import: Records a log of the detailed report. The import logs can be viewed from the first step of the import wizard (Select the Import File).

Import: Improved and simplified duplicate checking.

Import: All imports are saved to individual folders, available from the main phone book screen.

Contact Dashboard: Improved performance for the 'Sent Emails' tab.

Contact Edit screen: 'Insert Date' button for notes now uses mm/dd/yyyy instead of mm/dd/yy.

Contact Edit screen: Added 'find' feature to the notes.

Pipeline Items: Several minor improvements, including the display of 'Company' in the Pipeline Manager.

Email Campaign Console: Added a column 'Last Send Date' which is the date of the most recent send log for the campaign.

Other minor feature enhancements, fixes and optimizations.


Date: 2/10/17

Phone Book: Dashboard 'Marketing' button: When more than one marketing website is available, 'Add to Unsubscribe for All' and 'Add to Bad Address for All' buttons are available.

Calendar: Fixed occasional problem displaying side by side calendars of 2 or more calendars.

Calendar: When the application is left open overnight in day view, if 'today' is the current view, it automatically rolls over at midnight.

Minor feature enhancements and optimizations.

Minor typo corrections.


Date: 1/20/17

Import: Several improvements specifically added for improving the import of a LinkedIn exported contact list. One such common example is when a first name field contains 'Dr. Nicole', the value is now split into the separate values of 'Dr.' and 'Nicole'. Several other similar improvements were made as well. There are no settings for selecting this behavior. It is all done algorithmically in the background.

Lead Alert Console: Changed 'display number of days back' to a retained setting. The new setting is up to 120 days back, versus only 28 in the prior version.

Other minor enhancements and fixes to the lead alert and pipeline features.

Admin App: Sessions tab: Displays the Application column as 'OA Mobile (phone)' and 'OA Mobile (desk)' for these active sessions.


Date: 1/4/17

This is the first release of version 18.

The primary improvements in this release are related to security, Windows 10, and the new OA Mobile implementation of Office Accelerator.

Security: All code is now signed with SHA-2 encoding.

Better support for various Windows 10 devices and drivers.

Pipeline feature is released from beta (v17) and can be ordered. All data entered during the beta release is forward compatible with this final release. Contact us to activate this feature.

Data and back-end compatible with the new OA Mobile website for accessing your data on phones, tablets and your desktop.

Integrated to OA Mobile for accessing and updating usage and payment information.

Supports unlimited shared calendars at no additional cost: A user can edit calendars for inactive users that the user is proxy to (e.g. a 'Global Calendar' inactive user).

A user can change the 'assign to' or 'by' of a calendar item to any proxy user.

On new appointments, a checkbox 'Show Repeat Options on Save' has been added.

Phone book subcategories now inherit the owner and rights from the root category. Only the owner or proxy to the owner can rename or edit properties for categories, and 'access' means who can add/remove contacts for the category (and hence all sub categories).

Improvements for importing contacts, including: import multiple fields into notes; defaults to no duplicate checking; better '10 digit phone' parsing; proper formatting of 9 digit zip codes, 'Comma (CSV) Separated' is directly compatible with Excel 'Save As CSV' format.

When importing contact notes, if multiple fields are mapped to notes, the fields are concatenated to create a single notes field. A 'new line' is inserted between each concatenated field.

Improvements for exporting contacts: defaults to 1 phone, 1 email, 1 website; new field 'Street1 + Street2' which appends them to be on one line; defaults to city, state and zip checked instead of CSZ; added 'Comma (CSV) Separated' format.

New features for updating a phone book search result with zip code and/or county.

Improved email lead alerts and alert management.

Streamlined the sales pipeline additional feature.

Discontinued legacy add-in for BlackBerry sync.

Updated email editor.


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