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Office Accelerator User GuidePhone BookOffice Accelerator CalendarOA Mobile (Desktop)Office Accelerator CIT Tool BarGetting Started with Email MarketingOffice Accelerator Quick TipsMerging Duplicate Contacts in the Search ResultAdding Contacts to a FolderRestoring Deleted ContactsHow to Send a Group EmailHow to Print Shipping LabelsHow to Use the Contact Reference Search FeatureHow to Group Change an Email Address Domain NameHow to Setup Multi-View CalendarsLearn How to Use the OA Zip Code UtilityHow to Create a Shortcut to OA Mobile on your iPhoneHow to Search for a Contact by Email Address Using the Office Accelerator CIT Tool BarHow to Undelete Categories in Office AcceleratorHow to Use Office Accelerator Advanced SearchHow to Group Delete ContactsHow to Export Office Accelerator Contacts to ExcelHow To Search and Sort by Zip Code in Office AcceleratorHow to Remove Contacts from a Folder in Office AcceleratorHow to Find Contacts in Office Accelerator that have Specific Similar AttributesHow to Create a Custom List of Contacts in Office AcceleratorHow to Drag and Drop Contacts From Office Accelerator to Other ApplicationsSending a Task Inbox Message"Moving" Contacts from One Folder to AnotherFixing Search Result DiscrepanciesHow to Customize the Office Accelerator InterfaceHow to Make and Use Custom FieldsHow to Search Using Custom FieldsHow to Search for Contacts Edited within a Date RangeSearching and Sorting Contacts using the A-Z TabsCustomize Search Result ColumnsDiscover the Power of Multi-Category SearchSave Time with the CIT Tool BarAdding Contacts from One Category to AnotherFixing Missing Zip Codes in Office Accelerator ContactsSearching for All Contacts Containing an Email AddressCreating Multiple EnvelopesHow To Manage Bad Email Addresses in Email CampaignsFinding More Information About a Contact in Office AcceleratorFind a Contact in OA From an Outlook EmailHow to Repeat a Task in the Office Accelerator CalendarFinding a Contact(s) that You've Recently EnteredSchedule an Appointment from the Office Accelerator Phone BookImporting and Retrieving Newly Imported ContactsAdditional InformationTerms and Conditions

Office Accelerator Quick Tips (Videos)

This section provides video tips on using and configuring Office Accelerator.

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