Accessing Your Billing Information from the Admin Utility

You can access your billing information from the |Office Accelerator Administration App| via the billing tab as follows:

  1. Open the Office Accelerator phone book and select |File|Administrator|Add/Remove Users(Administrator App)|.
  2. Select the |Billing| tab and then click the |Just visit or click here| link where you will be redirected to OA Mobile within your browser. Office Accelerator Administrator App - Billing Tab Admin App
  3. Click the |Login to OA Mobile Now| button, enter your login information, then click the |Login| button. Login to OA Mobile OA Mobile
  4. Click the |My Account| link, then click the |Administrator Console| button. Admin Console
  5. From the |Administrator Console| Billing section click the |Account Balance Statement| to obtain billing details and invoices. You can use the |New Card| button from within the |Credit Card| section to update your credit card information. Account Balance
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