Send the Highlighted Text to a New Phone Book Contact (CIT Tool Bar)

  • To create a new contact using a block of highlighted text, follow the directions below.
  1. Make sure the Office Accelerator Phone Book is open.
  2. Highlight an address block of text in an application (Word document, an email, a web page, etc.) such as the one shown below. This can include phone numbers, email addresses and websites. Highlight Text
  3. Click the CIT button entitled 'Send the Highlighted Text to a New Office Accelerator Phone Book Contact'. CIT Tool Bar
  4. The Office Accelerator |Edit Contact| screen will display with the address block information added to the edit screen. Click the |Save| button to save the new contact.
    If you use the Contact Wizard when adding contacts, follow the contact wizard through each screen to add the highlighted text block as a contact.
    New Contact
    To quickly search for the contact you just saved, press the enter key on your keyboard.
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