CIT Tool Bar Options (CIT Tool Bar)

  • To access the Office Accelerator, help website from the CIT Tool bar, Left Click the 'Question Mark' button on the CIT tool bar. To access the CIT tool bar options, Right Click the Question Mark. CIT Options

CIT Tool Bar Options

  • When selecting options, be sure and click the |Save| button to save your selections. CIT Options
  • Pin to Top Edit of Screen: If checked, the CIT will remain pinned to the edge of the screen. The tool bar cannot be moved vertically when in this state.
  • Auto-Hide the Buttons: If checked, the CIT will button will become translucent when not in use.
  • Add to Windows Start Up: If checked, the CIT will open on Windows Startup.
  • Close the Tool Bar Button: Closes the CIT Tool Bar.
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