Modify Category Properties

Categories are used to help organize and partition your Office Accelerator contact data.  Office Accelerator provides the ability to create top level and sub-categories to which you can modify access rights as well as obtain ownership, creation dates and last edited information.  To view and modify category properties, follow the directions below. 

  1. From the |Categories| menu, select |Create, Delete or Modify Category Properties|.
  2. Highlight a category and click the button entitled |Modify Category Properties|.  Category Properties
  3. You can obtain ownership, created by, and last edit information on the category via the |Details| tab. To change the name of a category, from the |Details| tab click the |Edit| button and enter a new category name clicking the |OK| button to save your settings. Click the |Save| button to save your changes.  Details Tab
  4. The |Access| tab is used to change the owner of the category and edit category access rights.  By default categories will be owned by the user that created them and access rights will be set to |Everyone|.  You can change the owner of the contact by selecting a new owner from the |Owner| drop down list located under the |Access| tab.  To change the access level to the category, choose from one of the four access level options available.  Selecting |Owner| only will apply access rights to the category so that only the owner of the category can see it.  Selecting |Owner and Proxies Only| will grant access to the owner and those users that are proxy to the owner.  Granting access level |Everyone| will allow all users access to the category.  Finally, granting |Full Access for Owners and Proxies, Read-Only for Others| will provide the owner and those proxy to the owner full access and all other users read-only access.  Be sure and click the |save| button to save any changes made to the category settings. Access Level Tab
    Creating and modifying categories requires appropriate user rights.
    Users that have read-only access to a category will not see the |Access| tab nor can they edit the category name.
    Access rights on categories are not inherited by the contacts within a category.  For example, saving a contact to a category with access rights set to |Owner Only| will 'NOT' have an effect on the contact access rights set for the contact itself.
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