Create a New Empty Subcategory

Categories are used to help organize and partition your Office Accelerator contact data.  Office Accelerator provides the ability to create top level and sub-categories.  To create a new sub level category, follow the directions below.

  1. From the Office Accelerator phone book |Categories| menu select |Create, Delete, or Modify Category Properties|.
  2. From the |Modify Categories| dialog box, highlight the category you would like to create the subcategory in then click the button entitled |Create a New Empty Subcategory|. Create New Empty Sub Level Category
  3. Enter a new subcategory name and click the |OK| button. Create New Empty Sub Level Category
  4. Your new category will appear in the list on the left of the |Modify Category| dialog box. Create New Empty Sub Level Category
  5. To save contacts to your new sub category, see Save or Remove Contacts to or From a Category .
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