Send Marketing Email (Single Recipient)

The 'Send Marketing Email' feature is used to send a marketing email to a single contact in the Accelerator phone book. To use this feature, follow the directions below.

This topic assumes that you have already created an email document and are ready to send it out to your customers. If you've not yet created an email document, see Creating an Email Document then come back to this section.

  1. From the Accelerator phone book, search for the contact that you would like to send a marketing email to.

    Searching the Accelerator Phone Book

  2. From the Accelerator Personal Dashboard click the button entitled |Send Marketing Email|.

    Send Marketing Email Button

  3. From the |Email Marketing Documents| screen, select the email that you would like to send, then click the |Next| button. Review your email, then click the |Send| button.

    Send Email

  4. Click the button entitled |Yes| to send the email, then click the |OK| button to clear the confirmation.


  5. To view the emails that have been sent to a selected contact, click the |Sent Emails| tab within the Personal Dashboard.

    Sent Email Tab

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