Making a New Email Document for Email Marketing

  • To create a new email document in Accelerator, follow the directions below.
  1. From the Accelerator phone book, open the OA Email Marketing Console (also available from the Marketing menu) then click the |Create and Edit Email Documents| button. Open the One-Minute Marketing Email Console
  2. From |Email Marketing Documents| screen, click the |New| button. Email Marketing Documents
  3. From the |Edit Email Merge Document| screen, select an email document template and color scheme. Use the preview section to preview your selections, then click the |Edit| button. Email Marketing Documents
  4. Enter a Document Name, Subject with Merge Field, and Preview Text, then click the |Save| button to save your entries.   Enter Document Name, Subject, Preview Text and Save
  5. Using the Accelerator email editor, you can now begin entering your email content.  For more advanced editing control, click the |Show Advanced Edit| button. Using the Accelerator email editor, you can add additional rows to your email by clicking the |Insert New Row Here| button.  Rows are containers for columns, and upon selecting a new Row, options for adding Columns will be presented.  Columns are container for Blocks, and Blocks are used to hold your content.  You can add paragraph, image, caption, button title, subtitle , horizontal bar and social media blocks to any column.   Accelerator Email Template
  6. The general layout of every email template will include a header, rows, columns, blocks and footer. The header section will contain the 'View in Browser' link that opens the email in browser view. Rows are containers for columns, both rows and columns are used to create the general email structure. Blocks are used to enter content and are placed within columns. There are numerous Block types to include paragraphs, images, captions, buttons, text, subtitles, horizontal bars and social media. There are two footer sections, the 'User Information Footer Section' and the 'Office Accelerator Footer Section'. The 'User Information Footer Section' is used to store unsubscribe links and your address, it is designed to conform with anti-spam regulations and email etiquette. Finally, the 'Office Accelerator Footer Section' contains information that lets your contacts and service providers know that your emails are coming from a reputable provider. Email Structure
  7. When you are done editing your email, click the |Save and Close| button. Save and Close Email Documents
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