Preview and Send Test Email

To get a better idea of how your email document will appear on a phone or email client such as Microsoft Outlook, you can view your email as well as send a test email to yourself prior to sending via a campaign to your customers. To preview your email and send a test, follow the directions below:

  1. From the Accelerator phone book, open the Email Marketing Console then click the |Create and Edit Email Documents| button.

    Email Marketing Console

  2. Select the email document that you would like to view and/or test, then click the |View/Send Test| button.

    Open the Email Marketing Console

  3. From the |Email Preview| screen, you can review your email document and send a test email to yourself. To send a test email, click |Search| button and search for the contact you would like to send a test email to. To send the test email, click the |Send| button and click |Yes| to confirm your action. Check your email on your Smartphone and/or desktop to review the email.

    Open the Email Marketing Console

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