Reminder Preferences (Calendar)

To modify the Accelerator Calendar Reminder preferences, from the Accelerator calendar click the |Tools| menu then select |Preferences|. From the 'Calendar Preferences' screen, click the |Reminders| tab, the following reminder preferences are available. Be sure and click the |Save| button to save your selections.

Reminders Tab

Reminder Preferences

Sound for Reminders

Setting Description
No Sound Choosing this setting will cause reminders to display with no sound.
Default Windows 'Beep' Choosing this setting will use the default Windows 'Beep" sound. This sound will vary per version of windows.
Selection Sound File below Click the |Browse| button to select additional sound files and the |Play| button to sample them.  The selected sound file will be used for reminders.

New Reminders for Appointments

Setting Description
Show as relative time Selecting this option will make new reminder time relative to appointment time.  If not selected, absolute time will be shown. Reminders can be set days, hours, and/or minutes before or after an appointment.

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