New Appointment (Calendar)

To create a New Appointment in the Office Accelerator calendar, follow the directions below.

  • Open the Office Accelerator Calendar and select |Edit|New Appointment|, or you can use the |Add a New Appointment| button on the Calendar Main Tool Bar. Fill out the New Appointment form then click the |Save| button. New Appointment Button New Appointment
Task Field Description
All Day Event (Check Box) Checking this option will convert the appointment into an All-Day Event
Subject Enter the Subject for the Appointment into this field.
Location Enter the location of the appointment into this field.
Comment Enter Appointment comments into this field. Comments can be optionally hidden or displayed within the Appointment section of the calendar.
Save Clicking this button will save your Appointment to the Appointment section of the calendar.
Cancel Clicking this button will Cancel the New Appointment operation and discard any information you entered.
Follow up with (New Task) Checking this box will open the |New Task| screen for the purpose of creating another task after saving the appointment.
Follow up with (New Appt) Checking this box will open the |New Task| screen for the purpose of creating a new Appointment after saving the current appointment.
Start Date Used to set a start date and time for the new appointment.
Ending Date Used to set an ending date and time for the new appointment.
Repeat Indicates whether the appointment is a repeating event.
Reminder Used to set New Appointment reminder. Reminder will spawn at scheduled time, calendar must be opened to receive reminders.
Categories Use the categories option to add the appointment to an existing category.
Status Provides the following appointment status options: No Status, Done, Rescheduled, Canceled, Confirmed, Unconfirmed, No Show.
Note: when the status is Canceled or Rescheduled, the appointment timeslot is not marked 'busy'. All other status causes the timeslot to be marked 'busy'.
Contacts Used to link the Appointment to an Accelerator contact(s). Click the |Set Links| button to search for and link contacts.
Is Private If checked, appointment is only visible to the user the appointment is assigned to, and the user that assigned the appointment.
Created By Indicates who created the appointment.
Contacts linked to appointments can view the appointment within the Action tab of the phone book.
  • New Appointments will be displayed within the calendar 'Appointments' section of the Accelerator Calendar. You can edit your appointment by left clicking the appointment. You can use the |New Appointment| link to create a New Appointment or select additional options available by right clicking the appointment. Scheduled Appointment
    Appointment Right Click Options
    Print Item
    Move to Another Day
    Copy to Another Day
    Copy to Clipboard
    Delete Item
    Set Start Date to Now
    Set End Date to Now
    Set Start and End Dates to Now
    Set Status to None
    Set Status to Done
    Set Status to Rescheduled
    Set Status to Canceled
    Set Status to Confirmed
    Set Status to Unconfirmed
    Set Status to No Show
    Convert to Task
    Assign item to Another User

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