Set Color for Day (Calendar)

To set a color for a day within the calendar, follow the directions below.

  1. Before you can set a color on a day, you must define your color set. To do this, from the Accelerator Calendar click |Edit|New Day Color|. Click the |Set Color| button to select a color then enter a description for the color and click the |Save| button. Repeat this process to define each color. New Day Color
  2. From the Calendar |Edit| screen, select |Set Color for Day|. From the |Day Colors| screen, click a color from the |Available Day Colors| section to move it to the |Selected Colors| section. You may apply the color to the current day, a number of selected days out or repeat the color at a specified interval. Click the |Save| button to save your settings. Set Day Color
  3. The new Day Color will appear within day, week, month and year view for the day selected. Day View Day Color Display
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