Run the Email Marketing Setup Wizard

Before using Office Accelerator, you'll need to configure your email marketing profile per the directions below.

  1. From the Office Accelerator Email Marketing tool bar, click The OA Email Marketing Console tool bar button to start the Email Marketing Setup Wizard. Enter and/or verify your name and email address, then click the Next button. Enter and/or Verify Name and Email Address
  2. Enter your company name and website. This information will be used to create your Email Marketing Website. Your Email Marketing Website is a place where people can subscribe and unsubscribe from the emails you send to them. Click the Next button to continue. Enter and/or Verify your Company Name and Website
  3. Enter your complete company address. Your company address information is necessary in order to comply with anti-spam regulations. Click the Next button to continue. Enter and/or Verify your Company Address
  4. Your Email Marketing Website will contain a privacy policy.  You may use the provided privacy statement or enter your own. Click the Finish button to complete the profile setup. Privacy Policy
  5. The initial setup is now complete. Please check your email for your confirmation message. Click the Click Here to Accept button to direct you to the confirmation web page. I Accept Request Link
  6. Click the Close button to exit the wizard. Email Marketing Setup Wizard - Setup Complete
  7. On the Email Confirmation web page, please click the button Yes, I allow the use of my email address. to complete the email verification. Email Confirmation
  8. Congratulations, you've successfully completed the Setup Wizard, CLICK HERE to proceed to the next step.

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