Edit Standard Fields

While you cannot add to or change the Office Accelerator standard fields, you may add a default value, set a default text format type such as all caps or numeric values only and add drop down values to the fields. The following is a list of Office Accelerator Standard Fields. OA Standard Field list 2019

The above OA Standard Field list was updated 03-01-2019

To add default values, text formatting, or drop values to Office Accelerator Standard Fields, follow the directions below:

  1. From the Office Accelerator phone book select |File|Edit Standard Fields|. Highlight the field in Office Accelerator you would like to modify and click the |Edit| button. The following options are available from the |Field Properties| screen. OA Standard Fields 2019
    • Default Value: To add a default value for a given field, select the |Default| tab and enter a value. The default value will be added to the field when creating a new contact. Enter Default Text Value
    • Text Format: To add special text formatting to a field, select the |Text Format| tab. You can set the text formatting on a field to All Caps, , All Lower Case, to Capitalize the First Letter of each Word, or to accept Numeric Values only. Field Text Format
    • Dropdown Text: To add drop down text to a field, click the |Dropdown Text| tab, then click the |Add| button to enter a new dropdown value. Add Drop Down Text
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