Enabling the Accelerator Menu in Corel WordPerfect

The Accelerator Macro Suite is an add-in feature of Office Accelerator that installs an Accelerator menu within your Word Processor (Microsoft Word and/or Corel WordPerfect) providing the ability to merge contact data from Office Accelerator directly to your Word or WordPerfect document. Office Accelerator ships with pre-defined templates for Letters, Labels, Envelopes, Forms, and Faxes, and provides tools to create your own customized merge documents.  Customized documents can then be saved, re-used, and even shared with other Office Accelerator users within your account. To enable the Accelerator menu in WordPerfect, follow the directions below:

Office Accelerator Menu in WordPerfect X6

Note: The following directions are for use with Office Accelerator version 15 and higher.
  1. From the Office Accelerator phone book, click the |ADD-INS| menu and select |Enable Add-Ins|.

    ADD-INS tab within Office Accelerator Phone Book

  2. From the |Add-In Options| check the box entitled |Accelerator Menu in WordPerfect| and click the |Save| button.

    Add-In Options dialog Box

  3. Click the |ADD-INS| menu and select | |Install/Remove the Accelerator Menu in WordPerfect|.

    Add-In Options dialog Box

  4. Click the |Install Menu| button.

    Install Button

  5. Click the |OK| button to complete the installation.  The Accelerator Macro Suite files have been successfully installed, next you'll add the Accelerator menu to WordPerfect.  

    Link to Cloud Instructions

  6. Click HERE for directions on how to add the Accelerator menu to WordPerfect.

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