Adding the Accelerator Menu in WordPerfect

Now that you've installed the Accelerator Macro Suite files, you'll need to add the Accelerator menu to WordPerfect.  To do this, follow the directions below.

Note: The following installation instructions are for use with Office Accelerator version 15 and higher.
  1. Open Corel WordPerfect and select |Tools|Settings|Customize|. Link to Cloud Instructions
  2. From the |Customize Settings| dialog box, select the |Menus| tab then click the |Edit| button. Customize Settings
  3. From the |Menu Editor| dialog box, click the |Macros| tab, then click the |Add Macro| button. Menu Editor
  4. From the |Select Macro| dialog box, highlight the |Accelerator.wcm| file and click the |Select| button.
    Note: If you do not see the Accelerator.wcm file, your default WP macro directory has been changed. To remedy this, navigate to C:\Program Files\Baseline Data Systems\Office Accelerator\WPMacros and copy the Accelerator.wcm file to 'Your' macro directory. Once the file has been copied, start again with the instructions on this page to integrate the Accelerator menu to Wordperfect.
    Select Macro
  5. When prompted to |Save macro with full path|, select |No|. Save Macro Prompt (Select No)
  6. From the |Menu Editor| screen click the |OK| button. Menu Editor
  7. From the |Customize Settings| screen, click |Close|. Custom Settings
  8. From the |Settings| dialog box, select |Close|. Settings
  9. The Accelerator menu installation in WordPerfect is complete. Office Accelerator Menu in WordPerfect X6
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