OA External Web Site Form Capture

The following information will guide you through the steps neccessary to setup external OA form control on your personal or business website. The form provided can be inserted into your page using the html iframe element. The form contains, first, last, company, email, cell and work phone fields. When data is entered into these fields, and the subscribe button is submitted, the data will be saved within your Office Accelerator account.

Phone support is not available for this feature. If you have questions, please email support@oamobile.com.

  1. If you've not yet setup email marketing within Office Accelerator, please follow the directions within the 'Getting Started' section regardless of whether or not you intend to send email campaigns. This setup is neccessary to complete the process of creating a marketing website which is used to support this functionality.
  2. If you're already using Office Accelerator for use with Email Marketing, you can skip step - 1.
  3. Login to the Office Accelerator phone book.
  4. From the |Marketing| menu select |OA Email Marketing Console|.
  5. From the 'Email Marketing' console select |Customize Email Marketing Websites|.
  6. From the |Marketing Website| dialogue box, highlight the marketing website and select |View|. This will open the 'Marketing Website' in your default browser.
  7. Highlight and copy only the portion of the Marketing Website URL after the question mark.
  8. Append the portion of the Marketing Web site URL copied in the before step to the following URL:

    For English
    for Spanish
  9. This form can be inserted into your website using the iframe element.
  10. See w3Schools for a discussion on using iframes within your web page.

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