Find Contacts with Same Company (Phone Book)

  1. From the Accelerator phone book, search for a contact and select the contact in the current search result. Search for Contact
  2. To find contacts that have the 'Exact' same company name, click the icon on the |Search Result Tool Bar| entitled |Find Contacts with the Same Company|.   Contacts that contain the same (exact) company name will be displayed in the current search result.    Find Contact with Same Company Button
  3. Use the drop down arrow to search for other 'same' contact types. The following search options are available. Additional Search Values
Same Search Options
Same Company (Exact)
Same Company First Word
Same Last Name
Same First Name
On the same Street/City
Same Street/City (Exact)
Same City
Same State
Same Zip
Same Area Code
Same Phone Number
Same email domain (after the @)

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