Send Marketing Emails (Marketing Menu)

If you've not yet created an email document, see Creating an Email Document then come back to this section.

There are three options for sending marketing emails in the Office Accelerator phone book and each method is described below.

Click on a Link Below for Instructions on How to Send Your Desired Email Type

All emails sent from Accelerator are sent via campaigns.  Sending emails using campaigns enables Office Accelerator to record and provide you details on who did what and when. A campaign consists of a single email sent to one or more lists of contacts. Any contacts that have unsubscribed or have already received the email from a given campaign are automatically removed. All activities in a campaign are tracked, including who clicked on your links in the email, opened the email, unsubscribed, and more. An email notification of a contact’s activity is sent to you immediately via email and Lead Alerts when an activity happens, allowing you to immediately follow up with the contact one-on-one while the contact is potentially interested in your product or service.

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