Create and Edit Email Documents (Marketing Menu)

The |Create and Edit Email Documents| feature is used to create and manage your email documents in Office Accelerator. Email documents contain the message or service you wish to send and potentially sell to your customers. From the |Marketing Menu|, select |Create and Edit Documents|.

Email Marketing Documents Console

Email Marketing Document Options
Button Title
Create a New Email Marketing Document
Opens the Email Merge Document Editor used to create a new email template.
New Copy
Copy Email Document
Makes a copy of an existing email and opens the copy for editing.
Edit Email Document
Opens the selected Email Merge Document for editing.
Delete Email Document
Deletes the selected email document.
Undelete Email Document
Provides a list of deleted email documents which can be restored (undeleted).
View/Send Test
Preview and Test Email Document
This option will provide a preview of the email document as well as a 'Test Send' option to preview the email in an email client (such as Outlook or Gmail) prior to sending to your customers.
Email Document Properties
Provides options to set email document access rights and to mark email documents active or inactive.
Show Inactive
Toggle Active/Inactive Email Documents
Toggles Active and Inactive Email Documents.
Refresh Email Documents Console
Refreshes the Email Documents Console.

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