Compare Campaigns to Improve Your Referral Score

The Referral Score is the total number of times your contacts used either the 'Refer a Friend' or 'Forward to a Friend' email links to submit a friend's name and email address. These links automatically appear in every marketing email you send using OA. When a contact is submitted using one of these links, a new contact is created in your OA Phone Book (or the already existing contact is found) and the two contacts are linked as 'Referred by' and 'Referred'. For many businesses, this is the best way to grow the contact list.

By comparing campaigns and using the graphical representation of referral scores, you can fine tune your email messages to target your customers more effectively. The higher the referral score, the more likely your customers are interested in your message and ultimately your product or service. To compare campaigns to improve your referral score, follow the directions below.

  1. Open the Email Marketing Console, then click the |View and Improve Campaign Results| button. View and Improve Campaign Results
  2. From the |OA Attraction Score| screen, click the button entitled |Compare Campaigns to Improve Your Referral Score|.  From the |OA Attraction Score Data| screen click the |Select Campaign| button.  From the |Email Marketing Campaigns| screen place a check in the box to the left of the campaigns you would like to compare (maximum 3), then click the |OK| button. Select Campaigns
  3. The referral chart will provide details (in percent) about each campaign selected. The chart can be used to compare and contrast campaign results to help determine which email message is most effective at driving referral rates which in turn can result in higher sales.   Campaign Comparison Graph
Referral Indicators
Referral Type Description
Referal Score This is the combined values for Forwarded to a Friend and Referred a Friend.
Forwarded to a Friend This is the number of times the email was forwarded to a friend using the embedded ‘Forward to a Friend’ link. When the same contact is forwarded the email multiple times, it is counted each time in this score.
Referred a friend This is the number of times a contact was referred to you using the embedded ‘Refer a Friend’ link. When the same contact is referred multiple times, it is counted each time in this score.

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