Create and Edit Campaigns and Campaign Groups

The |Create and Edit Campaigns and Groups| feature is used to create and manage email campaigns in Office Accelerator.  All emails that are sent via Accelerator Email Marketing are done so via campaigns allowing for the tracking of multiple emails sent over time as a single campaign.  

  1. From the Office Accelerator Marketing Tool Bar, open the Email Marketing Console then click the button entitled |Create and Edit Campaigns and Campaign Groups|. Create or Edit Campaign
  2. The following options are available from the |Email Marketing Campaigns| screen. Email Marketing Campaign Options
Button Title Button Description
New Create New Email Template Opens the Email Marketing Campaign Editor for the purpose of creating a new campaign .
New Copy Copy Email Document Makes a copy of an existing campaign and opens it for editing.  Once modified, the campaign can be saved by a different name.
Edit Edit Email Document Opens the selected campaign for editing.
Delete Delete Email Document Deletes the selected campaign.
Undelete Undelete Email Document Provides a list of deleted campaigns that can be restored (undeleted).
Properties Email Document Properties Provides details, user right management and summary information about the selected campaign.
Show Inactive Toggle Active/Inactive Email Documents Toggles Active and Inactive Campaigns.
Refresh Refresh Email Documents Console Refreshes the Email Marketing Campaign console.
Groups Refresh Email Documents Console Provides options to group multiple campaigns based on a user defined criteria such as the sale of a specific product over time.

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