New Folder

Folders are used to organize your Office Accelerator phone book contacts. You can create an unlimited number of folders under the Office Accelerator root level folders, and contacts can be added to these folders with a drag and drop action. To create a new folder, follow the directions below:

  1. Click the |Folders| tab to make sure you're in the 'Folders' view and select any root level folder within the folder list. Folders Tab
  2. From the |Folders| menu select |New Folder| and highlight the root level folder where you would like to create your new folder.  Enter a name for the new folder and click the |Create Folder| button.
    Root level folders include the 'My Phone Book' folder, 'My Events' folder, 'My Other' folder 'Public' folder and other shared proxy folders.
    Folders Tab
  3. Your new folder will be created under the highlighted root level folder.  To add contacts to the new folder, drag  and drop contacts from the right side within the current search result to the newly created folder. Drag and Drop Contacts
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