New List

Lists are used to further sub-divide contact folders to help organize your data. A list item can only be created under a user defined folder and cannot be created within a root level folder. Once a new list item is created, contacts can be added to a list via drag and drop. To crate a new 'List' item, follow the directions below.

Root level folders include the 'My Phone Book' folder, 'My Events' folder, 'My Other' folder 'Public' folder and other shared proxy folders. 'User Defined' folders are those folders that are created by 'You' the end user.
  1. Click the |Folders| tab and select a folder where you would like to create a new list item. You can create a new list item inside of any user defined folder and some Root Level folders such as the 'My Phone Book' folder. Select User Defined Folder
  2. From the |Folders| menu select |New List|.  Enter a new list name and click the |Create| button to create the new list item. Create New List
    You can also right click on a folder and select |New List| from the right click menu options.
  3. Your new 'List' item will be created under the selected folder.  To add contacts to this list, drag and drop them onto the newly created list. Add Contacts to List
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