Save (or Remove) Contacts to (from) a Category

Categories are used to help organize and partition your Office Accelerator contact data. To save a contact or list of contacts to a category, follow the direction below.

  1. Search for a contact or list of contacts.  To search for a contact, enter a portion on the contact name then click the |Search| button.  Your search result will appear within the |Current Search Result|.

    Searching for a Contact

  2. From the |Contact| menu select |Save (or remove) Contact to (from) a Category|.  From the |Save to Category| dialog box, select which contacts you would like to save or remove from a category.  You can save or remove the entire search result, checked contacts, or the highlighted contact.

    Select Category Action

    • Save to New Top-Level Category: Will prompt to enter a new top level category name and will create a new top level category.  Contact(s) will be save to this new top level category.

    • Save to a New Category: Will prompt to enter a new subcategory name and will create the new subcategory under the selected top level category and add the contact(s) to the new subcategory.

    • Add to the Selected Category: Will add contacts(s) to selected category.

    • Replace the Selected Category: Will replace all contents within the category with new contact(s)  (entire search result, checked or highlighted contacts).  Any contacts previously in category will be removed from the category.

    • Remove from the Selected Category: Will remove contact(s) from the selected category or subcategory.

  3. To search for contacts within a category, click the category drop down menu, select a category to search by and click the |Search| button.

    Search On Category

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