Clear Current Search Result

When you search for a contact in the Office Accelerator database your search result appears under the |Current Search Result| button.  If you search for another contact or list of contacts, your current search result will move to the previous search result with your new search results displayed under the |Current Search Result| button.  The |Current Search Result| and |Previous Search Result| buttons provide the ability to merge lists together using various Boolean merge capabilities. For example, you can merge all of the previous search with the current, group common contacts from previous to current, and remove the common contacts of the previous search result with the current. 

 You can clear contacts from the Current Search Result which will remove all of the contacts under the current search result button.  Note, that clearing the search result does 'NOT" delete the contacts, rather it removes contacts from the current search result list.  To clear the current search result, follow the directions below.

  1. To clear the current search result, click the |Results| menu within the Office Accelerator phone book and select |Clear Current Search Result|.
    You can also highlight a contact and press down the |Delete| key on your keyboard which will begin clearing (not deleting) the list of contacts within the current search result.
    Current and Previous Search Result Buttons
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