Dial Phone

The Office Accelerator |Dial Phone| feature uses the Tel Protocol to send a phone number from Office Accelerator to the default dialer application in windows. To use this feature, follow the directions below:

  1. In Windows 10, from the |Start| menu, select |Settings|. Windows 10 Settings
  2. From the |Windows Settings| screen, select |Apps|. Windows 10 Settings - Apps
  3. From the |Default Apps| screen, select |Default Apps|, then |Choose Default Apps by Protocol|. Windows 10 Default Apps
  4. Locate the |Tel (URL:Tel Protocol)| from the list and select the default app you would like to use to handle phone calls. In this example we have chosen Microsoft Skype. Choose Default App by Protocol
  5. To dial a phone a phone number, search for the contact in Office Accelerator that you would like to call, then click the |Dial| link to the right of the phone number. From the |Phone Selection| dialogue box, select the phone number you'd like to dial then click the |Continue| button. From the |Calling over Skype| dialogue box, select |Yes| to begin your phone call. Dial a Phone Number From Office Accelerator
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