Delete User Sessions (Sessions Tab)

The Sessions tab will provide the following information about Office Accelerator users:

  • - Login status.

  • - Login date.

  • - Name of the application they are logged in with.

  • - Version number of the application they are using.

Administrators can delete a user’s login session by highlighting a user and selecting the |Delete Session| button.  Deleting a session will log the user out of the Accelerator applicaton. 

  1. To delete a user session, open the Office Accelerator phone book, select |File|Administrator|Add/Remove Users (Administrator App)|.

  2. From the Office Accelerator Administrator App select the |Sessions| tab.  To delete a session, highlight the session, then click the |Delete Session| button.  

    Sessions Tab

  3. Use the |Refresh List| button to manually refresh the session list.
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