Add/Remove Users

You can add new users to your Office Accelerator account using the Office Accelerator Administration App. To access the Office Accelerator Administration App, your Office Accelerator User login must have administrator rights. To add another user to your Office Accelerator account, follow the directions below.

  1. Open the Office Accelerator phone book and select |File|Administrator|Add/Remove Users (Administrator App)| and click the |User Logins| tab. Before adding additional users, make sure you have enough licenses. License information is displayed within the 'User Logins' tab; you can purchase additional licenses by calling 800-429-5325. Accelerator Admin App - User Login Tab
  2. Click the |New User| button. From the |User Properties| dialog box, enter your new user login information then click the |Save| button to save your settings. The new user will be assigned a randomly generated password which the user can later change from within the phone book by selecting |File|Change Your Password|. Accelerator Admin App - Add New User Button
    To change the user's password, highlight the new user and select the set password button.
    To disable an Accelerator user, check the box entitled "Disable User Account".
    To give a new user admin rights, click the |Administrator| option within the |User Properties| Screen (shown above). Office Accelerator users with admin rights can modify user accounts and user rights from the |administrator| option within the |File| menu of the Office Accelerator phone book.
    Office Accelerator users can now link an email address to their account login credentials to recover forgotten login values. You can disable this feature by checking the box entitled "Disable Login Recovery".
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