Adding a User License to your Accelerator Account

Accelerator licenses determine the number of users your Accelerator account can have. To add additional licenses to your account, follow the directions below:

  1. From your desktop, tablet or smartphone go to and click the |Login to OA Mobile now| button. Enter your Accelerator account login information then click the |Login| button. Login to OA Mobile
    If you've forgotten your Office Accelerator account login information, you can retrieve this information using login recovery. You may also contact for assistance with Login Recovery.
  2. Click the |My Account| button, then click the |Administrator Console| button.
  3. Enter Admin Console
    If you're using a smartphone, the 'My Account' button may be found within the Hamburger Menu.
    Some accounts may have a maximum user limit assigned. You cannot decrease the number of licenses below your number of active users. See Adding an Accelerator User for more information.
  4. From the Administrator Console, click the |Edit Users| button. From the 'Edit Maximum Users' screen, increase the number of users to the desired number. When complete, click the |Save| button to save your settings.
  5. Increase Users Licenses
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