Reset Login Recovery (Login Recovery Tab)

The Login Recovery tab is used to determine which Accelerator users have setup login recovery.  It is also used to reset login recovery for Accelerator users that change email addresses and need to re-validate a new email address.   To use the Login Recovery, follow the directions below.

  1. Open the Office Accelerator phone book, then select |File|Administrator|Add/Remove Users (Administrator App)|.
  2. From the Office Accelerator Administrator App, select the |Login Recovery| tab. This tab provides a list of the login recovery status for all Office Accelerator users.  If a user has an email displayed, and the 'Status' displays 'Email Confirmed', the user has completed login recovery and will be sent login recovery information via the confirmed email address upon request.  A status of 'Email NOT Confirmed' indicates that the login recovery setup process was not completed, and the user did not confirm the email address. Users that show no email address have not yet attempted to setup login recovery.  To reset login recovery for a user, select the user (with an email address) and select the |Clear Email| button, click |Yes| to the confirmation message. After resetting a user’s login recovery, the user will be prompted to setup login recovery again upon next login. Reset Login Recovery
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