Advanced Duplicate Contact Removal

The Office Accelerator |Advanced Duplicate Contact Removal| (ADCR) utility provides user definable duplicate removal options beyond the standard duplicate contact removal feature.  The ADCR provides the ability to specify the number of leading characters that 'must' match in order to be considered a duplicate for the first and last name field, company listing, as well as the address fields street 1, street 2, city, state and zip.  You can also provide 'start with' values to target specific duplicate records and specify sort by results.  By default, the ADCR will check for duplicate contacts across the entire database, however, you can specify that the ADCR run only on a specific folder (selected folder) and that at least one or both duplicates be in the specified folder.  By default, the ADCR will not merge duplicates, and instead will provide the results of the duplicate search in the current search result as well as a summary of the number of duplicate contacts found.  To automatically merge the results of an ADCR operation, you must check the box entitled |Automatically Merge and Remove Dups after Search Completes|. 

To run the ADCR, follow the directions below.

  1. From the Office Accelerator phone book, click the |Tools| menu and select the |Advanced Duplicate Removal Utility|.

  2. From the ADCR dialog select the appropriate settings and click the |Search| button.  To automatically remove duplicates, check the box entitled 'Automatically Merge and Remove Dups after Search Completes'

    It is recommended that you run the ADCR once prior to checking the option entitled 'Automatically Merge and Remove Dups after Search Completes'.   Running the ADCR without the merge option enabled will provide a better understanding of the number of duplicates in your database as well as what the ADCR considers to be a duplicate contact based on the default or user defined values.

    Advanced Duplicate Removal Utility

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